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British Delegation on Visit

In the afternoon of March 14th, delegates from Cambridge University, Oxford University, Liverpool University and Leicester University were invited to visit Southeast University and the State Key Laboratory of Bioelectronics on exchange. Prof. Kenneth John Badcock, acting Vice President of Liverpool University, Prof. Sarah Dixon, Vice President of Leicester University, Professor Chu Daping, Director of Center for Advanced Photon Electronics (CAPE) and Director of Center for Optoelectronic Devices and Sensors, Cambridge University, Professor Ronald Olio Roy, Associate Researcher, School of Engineering Science, Oxford University were guested. Chaired by Liu Bo, deputy executive Party secretary of Southeast University, Gu Zhongze, Dean of School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering, and Lu Zuhong, Director of the State Key Laboratory of Electronics also attended the symposium.

Deputy executive Party secretary Liu Bo, extended a warm welcome to the British University delegation. She introduced the history, the development, and recent achievements in discipline construction, talent training, technological innovation, faculty building and international cooperation of Southeast University, with a special reference to the long-term, stable partnership between Southeast University School of Medicine and the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France, Japan and many other well-known universities and research institutions. She hope to strengthen the exchange and cooperation, scientific and technological innovation collaboration, promote output translation further.

Professor Gu Zhongze introduced the development and achievements of the State Key Laboratory of Bioelectronics in recent years. He elaborated the technological innovation, industrial development and output transfer in the fields of biomaterials and alternative tissues/organs, as well as international cooperation with Harvard University and other international partners to declare the " innovation base for organ chip" authorized by the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Foreign Affairs’ "111 talent gain” plan.

During the roundtable session, both sides carried out a warm and in-depth discussion about the challenge and solutions in health care, education cooperation in Jiangsu and the United Kingdom. The British delegation highly acknowledged and appreciated the innovation achievements made by Southeast University in the fields of health care, and expected to establish long-term cooperative relationship with our school in building cooperation platform, talent training and scientific innovation, in order to promote the internationalization of Southeast University and progress in research in health care jointly.