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Prof. Lü Awarded “The People of the Year 2016"

On June 23, 2017, Ceremony for "Scientific Chinese The People of the Year Awards 2016" was held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. Prof. Xiaoying Lü, Vice Director of our State Key Laboratory of Bioelectronics of Southeast University, was awarded by the Scientific Chinese Magazine the title of "The People of the Year 2016" for her significant contribution in biological material compatibility and the interdisciplinary research in bioelectronics.

Prof. Xiaoying Lü's introduction is: she has been one of the pioneers in the study of biosafety evaluation and biological compatibility in China, and her research results in biological materials and their interaction with cell/protein based on system biology stands at the international advanced level. The joint development of advanced medical device for the reconstruction of motor function of paralyzed limb is revolutionary to the rehabilitation of patients, and generates a considerable social and economic value. In 2015, she won the Special Gold Medal in the medical group at the "International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva." She also founded the start-up Company SQ-Med Co., Ltd. to commercialize the technology.

She has presided over more than 30 scientific research projects on national, provincial and ministerial levels; has published more than 340 journals and conference papers, with 8 selected as the Ten Excellent Papers by BioMedLib, 11 rated as outstanding papers of the year, 5 included in the biological and biochemical paper of ESI, 1 selected as "pioneer thesis" by Biomaterials (only about 1% selected per year), and 1 reported by the famous Canadian online journal Advances in Engineering (less than 0.1% of the papers could be selected). She is identified as the "Elsevier Most Cited Chinese Scholars" in the field of biomedical engineering in 2014, 2015 and 2016, holds 37 patents (including an international PCT patent), and wins 6 awards on provincial/ministerial level.

The Vice Chairwoman of the Executive Committee, National People's Congress, Gu Xiulian; the State Department Counselor, former Vice Minister of Ministry of Science and Technology Liu Yanhua; former Vice Minister of Ministry of Public Health, Cao Ronggui; former Vice Minister of Ministry of Education, Liu Limin; Deputy Director of the Office for National Science and Technology Awarding, Chen Zhimin; the Vice President of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Fan Daiming; and other leaders; winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize, Professor of biology, Martin Chalfie of Columbia University; and Peng Xianjue, Yu Junchong, Yu Benshui, Liu Baicheng, Duan Baoyan, Chen Qingquan, Wang Guodong, Hou Li'An, Hu Side, Ye Qizhen, Xu Xiangde, Pang Guopang, In Yulong, He Jie, Gu Guobiao, Guo Yinglu, Duo Yingxian and other Academians of Chinese Academy of Science and Engineering were invited to attend the ceremony and presented the award to the winners. More than 300 people from the science and technology community, as well as the media attended the ceremony.

Scientific Chinese " The People of the Year Awards" is launched and appraised by the Scientific Chinese Magazine. This year, a total of more than 200 winners were selected from diversified background of 10 scientific research fields. Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science, Gao Fu, Bao Xinhe, Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Niu Xinqiang, Chen Xiangmei, were the leading figures of this year.

Founded in 2002, Scientific Chinese "The People of the Year Awards" has been held for 15 years. It has promoted a large number of outstanding scientists with major achievements, and has made great impact in science and education in China. Yuan Longping, Yang Zhenning, Gu Binglin, Tu Youyou, Pan Jianwei, Wang Xiaomuo, Zeng Qingcun, Shi Yigong, Deng Zhonghan, Li Yanhong and many other well-known scientists and entrepreneurs had also received the title.