State Key Laboratory of Bioelectronics was approved in 2005 and officially accepted in 2009 by Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The laboratory was formerly the Dr. Chien-Shiung Wu Laboratory of Southeast Univesity, foundedin1985 by Prof. Yu Wei, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering . There are 114 full-time faculity members, including an academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, 6 Cheung Kong Scholars, and 10 recipients of the National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars.

Bioelectronics is aimportant cutting-edge interdisciplinary field mainly merging by information science and life sciences. The Laboratory has established leading research platforms for molecular assembly, biosensing, nanoprobes, ferroelectric molecular devices, multimodal imaging, biochips, wearable technology, high-throughput technology, single-molecule sequencing, biological big data, neural circuit analysis, brain and learning, neural hybrid intelligence, and others.

In recent years, the laboratory has made a number of achievements in vascular information engineering, human organ-on-a-chip, big-biodata analysis, point-of-care instrumentations, single molecular sequencing,high-capacity DNA storage, microelectronic neural bridge, and rehabilitation robots. The laboratory has won over 10 national scientific research achievement awards, and it produces over 400 scientific research papers, over 100 patents, over 10 million RMB for achievement transformations every year.